Hello, since the age of 15 I have been writing online about professional wrestling.

In the summer of 2008 the story line featured on WWE television between Chris Jericho and Shawn Michaels inspired me to go a little further than my fandom had gone before. I wanted to discuss narrative in the context of wrestling and to gush about this amazing story I was seeing on television every week.

Long before list based click-bait articles became the norm online on sites like Buzzfeed, I created a top ten list column called the Pro Wrestling Countdown. Being a huge fan of GameTrailers.com's list series GT Countdown, this was my way of paying tribute to GameTrailers and putting my own professional wrestling twist on a format I love. I feel in love with this format and began to pour all my spare energy into developing the most well crafted articles I possibly could.

After writing for various sites over the past decade, and publishing the Pro Wrestling Countdown all over the web, I've brought it home to it's own official website where I know it can stay for good.

Over the past ten years, my dream was to always have a place to call my own. After almost a decade, I finally have the website I've always wanted. 

This is a place where I celebrate my fandom for professional wrestling (and to have a moan and make jokes from time-to-time). If I'm the only one to ever read anything here, that's fine. If I can succeed in only finding even one other person who enjoys the content I post here and finds it entertaining, I'll consider that a bonus.

-Ross Rutherford