"We're Taking Over!"

From an NWA event in a dimly light southern arena to the grand stage of WWE’s Wrestlemania, the Pro Wrestling Countdown looks at the absolute best the professional wrestling entertainment industry has to offer. 

We celebrates the grandeur, the showmanship, and the skill that are so often scoffed at by both fans of sports and entertainment. Professional wrestling is arguably one of the most unique forms of storytelling ever displayed to live audiences. From variety like the NWA, WWE, TNA, and even more niche companies that have had less exposure like the extreme ECW or the overlooked ROH. 

The Pro Wrestling Countdown celebrates what we consider to be the best stories, entertainers, and performances from an industry that if you don’t love, you might well after watching some of the examples we bring to the table.

Above all else, we like to have fun. 

Other readers might not always agree with all of our rankings, but that is what the comment section is there for. Anyway, debate is half the fun. So, let the countdown begin!